Sunday, October 18, 2015

Looking Back To The Roots Of The Boxing Gloves (part 2 of 2)

It was in the year 30 BC when the sport was declared illegal by the Romans in all of their provinces and cities. The banning of which then resulted to the Western civilization.
However, boxing re-emerged in the late 1600s up to the 1700s. It concentrated on boned and knuckled fighting but which never lasted for a long time. Thus, the concept of boxing gloves came around with all the padding for safety purposes.

The Protective Gear

It is necessary to stir away from the misnomer that the boxing gloves were designed to shield the person who has been hit. The rationale behind it is because the bones in the hands are too small and fragile. Thus, the pads are meant to protect the boxer himself from the attacks that he is going to make. At the same time, the opponent has to wear the same protective gear to protect himself as well. After all, this is a kind of sport which can never materialize without fighting against an opponent.

Remembering the Champions

There are several icons to remember. One of them was Jack Broughton who emerged as the very first British boxing champ in the early phase of 1700s. In fact, he is regarded to be the one who invented the modernized gloves. In the past, several boxers got terribly hurt and some even died. The communities and handlers then decided to apply the rules and regulations which were all geared towards protecting the boxers.

On the other hand, it was in the year 1866 when John Graham Chambers published the very popular Queensbury Rules in London. Padding usage was one of the principal rules so the boxing gloves were definitely put to use. Moreover, the 20th century started to promote the Queensbury Rules which applied to all places that held boxing.

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