Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Avant-garde of Tennis Apparel: Rafael Nadal (part 2 of 2)

It’s more than just the choice of clothing. It has more to do with how Rafa exudes confidence wearing practically anything. It’s like he is never conscious at whatever is showing and what isn’t. More than anything, it seems that he is willing to wear anything without being afraid of what others will think—especially those who value tradition.

As Nadal made his way to the top, Nike, the sporting apparel brand he endorses, sought to overhaul his image to make his clothing line classier, moving him closer to the traditional tennis player image while still retaining some of the Spaniard’s classic style.  Just this May, at the Mutua Madrilena Madrid Masters, Nadal was clad in Nike’s take on a retro 1980s polo with accents of teal and bright yellow, with matching teal headband and the same colors for his tennis shoes.

Everything is still flashy, with all the bright colors and the eye-catching accents. Teal, neon, orange—those are just some of the colors that you can expect from Rafa’s attire. Of course, now that his tops have sleeves, girls who are enamored with him have to do without the sight of his bare shoulders and arms. Then again, what’s that compared to making Nadal more accepted universally?

Tennis is indeed a very dynamic sport, and there are all sorts of battles going on, not just the one played within the bounds of the tennis court. You’ve got mind games, physical clashes, and then you’ve got the battle of tennis apparel.

Amid all the shorts and the polo shirts of the gentlemen, Rafael Nadal has managed to carve a niche all his own with his personal brand of fashion.

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